The Benefits of Using an Instant Messenger

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chat-150496_960_720Are you trying to figure out which messenger program you want to try?  When it all comes down, the decision is typically based on what your needs are and how easy it is to use.  You will certainly want a program that is compatible with your computer, is easy to install, and does everything that you want and need it to do.  You will also need to take into consideration if the program has any glitches and how often it is automatically updated.

You will want to have any microphones and cameras set up in advance before you set up Instant Messenger.  This will save you a lot of time when it comes to linking them to work with your messenger program because they will be automatically detected on your computer and the messenger will adjust them however they need to be.  This will all take place when you first open up these features.

If you are someone that doesn’t like to type, or just don’t do it very well, you can use the voice conferencing feature on the messenger program.  That way you can just talk with the person instead of typing.  When using your webcam, be sure to have a decent camera and enough lighting available so the person can see you.

If you work in the corporate world, you can keep in touch with your customers and employees by using instant messenger.  You could have all of your employees just a click away, regardless of where they are.  Whether they are online or have their cell phones with them, they will receive your message.

If you have an important meeting but need your hands free during it, just use your microphone to talk with everyone.  Perhaps you have a presentation you want to show.  Well, you can set the image in front of your webcam or upload it and drop it into the messenger program for all those on the call to see.  

No matter which messenger program you choose, there are so many benefits to individuals and businesses alike.

Facebook Messenger

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2114874155_b660780928Facebook began making its users on mobiles download a separate application about two years ago for messaging.  This app was called Messenger, and many users were very unhappy with the changes.  Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, claimed that the new app would give users a better experience because of how increasingly important messaging has become.  Most users of Facebook didn’t want to be forced to download a separate app for Messenger, so they found a workaround and used the web app on their mobile.  Later this summer, though, Facebook will be disabling messaging completely on the mobile web app.

Now the users of the Facebook web app are receiving messages that inform them that their messages are being moved to Messenger and that is the only way they will be able to view them.  Yes, Facebook is going to require that all users download the app to be able to use the Facebook Messenger on their mobile device.

Facebook users are having a lot of mixed feelings about being forced to use the separate messenger app.  A lot of users just want to avoid using it all together, but some can’t even download the app for one reason or another.  More than nine hundred million users send out billions of messages each day on the Facebook Messenger app, though, so it seems there are many fans of it.  There are extra features, such as digital stickers and video messaging, that makes it more appealing as well.  

Facebook, in some countries, is offering an app by the name of Facebook Lite.  This program loads quickly, uses less date, is supported by most Android phones, and works on every network.  It also features a messaging user interface that is minimalistic and looks a lot like the original one that was used on Facebook.

With the speed that Facebook Messenger has been growing, a huge revenue opportunity has presented itself in the social network.  Facebook launched a program called the Business last year on Messenger.  This program allows brands to have one on one or group chats.  It also allows brands to offer “Buy This” buttons for their products and to personalize communication styles with Facebook users. Earlier this year, Facebook introduced another big Messenger Business feature, Messenger platform bots. Several businesses, such as Expedia, Burger King, and HP already have Facebook Messenger bots.  The bots allow users to order products from these companies without ever leaving the Messenger app.  This is a huge profit maker for Facebook and a great opportunity for businesses to reach customers.

Considering the rapid growth of Facebook Messenger, hackers become more and more interested in spreading malware within the app.  Facebook has been at the forefront of addressing all vulnerabilities that arise in the Messenger app to keep users safe.  Just recently, a vulnerability was discovered and patched before much harm was done.  The investigation showed that it was a small misconfiguration within the app that made Messenger vulnerable to attack.  

Facebook is committed to creating a great experience for all of its users.  One way they continue to do so is by offering programs like Facebook Messenger to their users.

The Lure of Messenger

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messenger-1495274_960_720Do you own your own home business?  Do you chat on messenger?  For almost all home based businesses, the ability to get online is a very important part of whether your business succeeds or fails.  However, the temptation is always there to check your messenger, play a game, or check your email when you have a moment to relax.

Keep in mind, though, that just like a regular nine to five job, this sort of thing should be avoided when you are working on your business at home.  Perhaps your business is emergency tree service and, while you are chatting with a friend online, a request comes in and you don’t get to it in time.  You have just lost a client and hurt your business you have been working so hard to build.

One way to help you stay focused is to set up a dedicated account for your business on your computer.  Also, create an email address and even an instant messenger that is strictly for business.  After that is done, restrict yourself to only having the dedicated account open during the business day.  Sure, the temptation will still be strong to revert to chatting with friends and other bad habits, but after a while of doing it this way, it will become much easier.

There is an added bonus in setting up a dedicated account for your business.  When you are done with work for the day and switch over to your personal account, you will be a lot less likely to do things for work when you shouldn’t be.  Too often, one of the biggest mistakes those with home businesses make is always working.  They don’t find it important to set aside time where they are strictly off the clock.  This habit is an unhealthy one that should be avoided.  By setting up a separate account, hopefully you will remember better when you should and shouldn’t be working.

Keeping Children Safe when Chatting Online

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chat-159814_960_720Does your child have a computer?  Are you a parent that is wanting to help keep them safe online? There is a program that I recommend to help you.  Chat Watch 5 is a new program that will allow you to monitor their online chat room conversations.  There are so many features that all you, the parent, to keep a watch over your child when online.

All of today’s most popular instant messengers are monitored by Chat Watch 5.  The software allows parents to monitor all messages on the computer, those sent and received, and then organizes them into chat logs.  The most popular instant messengers that are monitored by parents are Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and ICQ.

Using this software, parents are able to search through chats as well by keyword, category, date, user, or instant messenger.  It comes with plugins that allow you to switch between uses and to watch the chats in real time through chat watch remote at  You can synchronize your phone or computer with so you can keep an eye on your child’s chats through your mobile phone.  This will give them protection that isn’t offered by any other program.

Chat Watch 5 comes with an acronym translator that will help you understand the most common online acronyms quickly.  As an example, when reading through the chats, it would replace the acronym “AFK” with its meaning “away from keyboard” to make monitoring more easy.

Included is a content monitor.  This monitor, when turned on, will bring to the forefront any chats that might have offensive words in them.  It will then notify you of the issue through email.  Custom words can be added to the monitor by the parents as well.

As you can see, this program is great for parents with children that use the web.  Keep your children safe as they surf by using Chat Watch 5 on your computer.

Yahoo Messenger

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Are you still using the old Yahoo Messenger app?  Yeah, the one that is no longer even able to be downloaded from Yahoo.  Who knows, you may be one of those people that are still holding on to it just because your favorite color is purple and they use that for their user interfaces.  Well, if you are using it, you may want to begin looking for an alternative.  Better yet, just switch over to Yahoo’s brand new Messenger service.  It is available now as part of Yahoo mail, as a web application, and even as a smartphone app.

Yahoo announced back in June that they were killing off the old Yahoo Messenger forever and looking to release a newer, better edition.  It is possible that you could still find the old one hidden back in the archives somewhere on the web, but even if you do, you will not be able to use it to talk with your friends anymore.

As early as December of 2015, Yahoo began talking about their brand spanking new Messenger and its availability in Yahoo Mail for desktop computers, on the web, and for mobile phones.  It has been built using a much newer, modern platform.  By completely revamping the Yahoo Messenger, users now have a much better, faster, and smarter way to send photos, messages, and GIFs that are animated in both individual and group conversations.  Yahoo is known for integrating their old products with new ones, but not in this case.  They are urging all of their uses to completely transition their Messenger to the newer one.  They will not be supporting the old legacy platform anymore.  This change officially took place on August 5, 2016.  Yahoo will now be putting all of their focus onto the new Yahoo Messenger in an effort to offer a great experience to all of their users.

The way that Yahoo archives conversations on Messenger will be changing as well.  All of the messages that were saved on the old Messenger program were archived within the Yahoo Mail program before August 5th but, since then, they have all been deleted from Messenger.  The old ones are still available in Yahoo Mail.  The new Messenger will store any conversation and keep track of it in the chat windows they are in already.

Another thing that has changed recently with Yahoo is their service called Yahoo Recommends.  They announced that the service will also be dropped as part of the revamping of the company.  This service was a widget that provided links to content that was related to a website the user was searching and included a little bit of advertising.

This seems to be a lot of change for Yahoo to be taking at once.  To some, though, it seems that Yahoo is finally catching up with the times.  These are some long needed updates to their outdated programs.  Now, we just sit back and watch to see how the new Yahoo Messenger is received and if it comes with any glitches.

Check out the new Yahoo! Messenger!